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Diamond Tool

2800 Grays Ferry Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19146



215-952-1919 - Local

Hours of Operation

Our normal business hours are from 6:30 am to 4:30 pm EST Monday through Friday. Dial (888-879-3426) to speak to a representative.

Emergency Service is reached through our main number of (888-879-3426) and then following the voice prompts.

Who’s Who at Diamond Tool?

The Area Operations Manager is Brandon Kelley at ext. 356

The Vice President of Sales is Tracy Newport at ext. 320, cell 609-923-9653

Outside Sales Team:

Mark Calkins - cell 215-704-3781

John "Doc" Dougherty - cell 215-913-3504

Joe Fitzpatrick - cell 856-404-3775

Lou Martelli - cell 215-840-0533

Wayne Reineck - cell 215-514-3778

Ashleigh Renzi - cell 267-838-3828

The Inside Sales Manager is Jack Heckman at ext. 335, cell 215-416-3830

The Global Accounts & Marketing Manager is Evan McIntyre at ext. 396, cell 609-519-6816

Safety Services is C.J. Burns at ext. 348, cell 267-300-6818

The Service Manager is Kelly Hund at ext. 338

Edgewater Park

4171 US-130 S.

Edgewater Park, NJ 08010


The Branch Manager is Ken Peslin

Sales Team: 

Kevin DeCecco, Dan Ochman